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Services And Pricing

At Blue Ribbon, we not only aim for the best quality, but also the best value!

Services/Pricing: About
Cocker Spaniels
Golden Dog
Three French Bullgod Puppies

Full Grooming Service

Bathing, Drying, Nail Trimming, Clipping & Styling.

Cost: $50-$70 small dogs

         $60-$80 small-medium dogs

         $70-$90 medium dogs
         $80 and up Large dogs

         $100 and up X Large dogs

* Please note these prices are a guide and subject to change depending on weight/size, condition of coat ie length of coat, matting and knots, type of style and degree of difficulty ie aggression or anxiety.

Nail Trimming

No booking needed, simply walk in anytime we're open and we can trim your dogs nails on the spot.

Cost: $10

Bath & Dry (Smooth Coats Only)

Bathing, Drying, Nail Trimming. This is only available for dogs whose coats do not require brushing after being dried

Cost: $35 Small Dogs

         $40 - $45 Medium Dogs

         $50 - $60 Large Dogs

Services/Pricing: Outdoor Activities
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