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The Blue Crew

Get to Know Our Blue Ribbon Team

Established in 2011, Blue Ribbon was founded by Holly Bampton, a second generation dog groomer and animal enthusiast who grew up working in the family business. Each member of the Blue Ribbon team has over 10 years of experience working as a professional dog groomer.

About Us: Team Members


Owner/Head Groomer

Holly is a second generation dog groomer and avid animal lover. As soon as she could hold a brush she started training in her parents grooming salon, and by the age of 10 she was completing full grooms to a high standard. Holly opened her own salon, Blue Ribbon Dog Grooming, in 2012 at the age of 21, and has been striving for excellence ever since.



Professional Groomer

Rebekah is a highly valued member of the Blue Ribbon team. She has been grooming for over 20 years and is dedicated to achieving beautiful hair cuts for dogs. Bec adores animals and in her spare time loves spending time with her horses.



Professional Groomer

Mark has been in the grooming industry for over 30 years. He is a brilliant groomer of all breed clips but specialises in the bigger dogs, particularly de-sheds of the double coated breeds. His attention to detail is second to none.




Daisy is a good dog who deserves much love and many treats. She loves cuddles and blankets, and hates thunder and beeping sounds. In her spare time, she likes to stare at people like an enlightened being... though she probably just wants whatever you're eating.


Can I stay with my dog?

Unfortunately we do not allow owners to stay with the dogs while they are being groomed. There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, it helps us prevent you from possibly getting injured or bitten. Secondly, through years of experience, we’ve seen time and again that dogs become excited or distracted by their owners and wish to get away. This makes grooming difficult for us, as we prefer the dogs to remain as calm as possible throughout the process. Lastly, other dogs in the salon can, funnily enough, consider the space to be their territory, and having strangers enter this space can cause them to react by barking and even snapping at strangers. We understand the desire to stay with your dogs, but we hope that you can understand that in order for us to do our job safely and efficiently, we are unable to allow this to happen.

When do I drop off/pick up my dog?

When you make a booking with us, we will either ask that your dog be dropped off between 8:30 and 9:00, or at 11:00, depending on our bookings. We are flexible and can accommodate your preference for a particular time frame if requested upon your booking . We will also give you a pick up time, generally between 1-3 o'clock, depending on the type of dog, the drop off time, age of the dog, and the amount of bookings on the day. If you require your dog to be picked up at a specific time, please let us know upon booking so that we can ensure we meet this deadline.

How does your salon operate?

We will ask that your dog be dropped off in the morning, either between 8:30 and 9:00, or at 11:00, depending on the days bookings. The dogs are then hydro-bathed, and at this stage, if requested, they can have their anal gland expelled. (We do this externally, if your dog has recurring anal problems you may need to see your vet and have him expel them internally).  The dogs are then dried with a chamois and towelled, before being professionally blow dried to bring the coat up to its absolute best. They then return to the tables for their final groom and styling clip, and are finished off with nail clipping and cologne.

What information about my dog do you need to know?

Please let us know the following:
- If your dog has any medical, physical, or skin conditions that we need to be cautious of.

- If you're dog has any social issues such as barking at or biting other dogs or people, or anxieties.

- If your dog is not desexed, or is in heat.

Do you sedate dogs?

We never sedate dogs, but if you do have a dog with temperament problems, it might be wise to ask your vets advice. They may suggest that you sedate the dog before it comes to the salon. We may also require the use of a muzzle should your dog present a risk of injury due to biting. 

What do I do if my dog is a biter?

If your dog can be a little snappy and has been known to bite, please ensure you let us know prior to booking your dog. We will then discuss with you any considerations that need to be made.

Can you separate my dog?

Yes, if you know your dog doesn't socialise well with other dogs, please let us know and we will give them their own crate away the other dogs.

Do you crate dogs?

Only entire males, females in season, and antisocial dogs.

What are your facilities like?

We only high quality and professional grade equipment, and our shop is fully air-conditioned to make for a comfortable experience. All small dogs are placed in a large and secure play pen, with plenty of fresh drinking water and beds to lay on during the day. This allows the dogs to settle in comfortably, gives them a chance to go to the toilet and socialise with other dogs.  For safety reasons bigger dogs are not kept in the play pen and instead are tied up in other areas.  Please note that all un-desexed males will also be separated.

About Us: FAQ
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